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Expanded Septic Systems In Maine

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Here is a septic tank we are installing as part of this expanded septic system. A White Knight Treatment unit will be installed in this tank to complete the expansion.  This unit effectively doubles the capacity of most existing septic systems by State of Maine  design allowances. That means you could add three bedrooms to an existing three bedroom septic system and only have to enlarge your septic tank capacity as in this homeowners situation. The leach field itself does not have to be touched. This minimizes the disruption to the landscaping and most important, it saves you money.

We welcome any inquiries on any of your septic issues.

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By Mark A. Truman

Well Water Treatment and Your Septic System

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We have noticed a high correlation between well water treatment systems that backflush into septic systems and the early malfunction of those systems. The most incidents we have seen are with iron removal. Now some will argue that water treatment has no effect on septic systems and we understand that drinking water quality is the first priority, but we would advise any one that they could expect to incur the cost of a new leach field earlier than people without well water treatment devises backflushing to their septic systems. Ask your water treatment professional how he can minimize or eliminate these discharges to your septic system if at all possible. You are welcome to call us anytime should you have any concerns.
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By Mark A. Truman

Free Maine Septic Inspections

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If you have concerns about your Maine septic system call us at 800-244-2493. Maine Site Evaluations,LLC is offering FREE Septic Inspections for the month of December. Malfunctioning  septic systems can freeze during the winter making for expensive repairs. We can suggest repairs ahead of the cold season and or recommend replacing the system if so warranted or just let you know that things are ok.  We are glad to help, even the call is free.

By Mark A. Truman

Maine Septic Repair….now that saves money!!!!

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Today was a good day for our first client.  She thought she needed a new septic system since the house was constructed in the early seventies. We spent  a half  hour tracing out the effluent lines and found a collasped distribution box and the baffle was gone in the septic tank. We found the original leach field to be intact and it appeared that no wastewater had ever been in the system. So rather than replace  the field we prescribed replacing the distribution box and adding a baffle to the septic tank. That will be a $500 repair verses $8000. That is a good deal and we are glad to find the easy answers if at all possible. If you have Maine septic systems issues please call us at 800-244-2493. We always offer free consultation at Maine Site Evaluations, LLC.

By Mark A. Truman

White Knight Microbial Inoculator Generator

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Septic BioRemediation! Yes it is possible and we do it every day. With the patented IOS-500TM inoculums (bacteria) and an easily installed media in a septic tank we are able to grow and generate microorganisms that possess the proven ability to recover organically clogged leachfields. It is so effective that the Maine Division of Environmental Health has granted the White Knight Septic System a 50% reduction in leachfield size  allowing upgraded septic systems at sensitive sites such as seasonal camps with limited area while improving the quality of wastewater returning to the environment. Significant reductions in Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) of 80% or greater and 50% or greater reduction in Total Nitrogen are typically achieved. We at Maine Site Evaluations, LLC are excited to be able to offer this wastewater technology to help preserve  and  improve the water quality we are so fortunate to have in this great state of Maine. The patented strain of bacteria that we use was developed to remediate oil-fouled soil by the petroleum industry and you will see a form of the White Knight System working along the Gulf of Mexico for many years to come helping to clean up the present oil mess we see today. Similar materials such as fats, oil and grease clog failing septic systems and can be remediated to restore the soils natural drainage ability. We have found that some of the newer septic system devices such as Enviro-Septic, Geoflow and Infiltrator units tend to clog at a faster rate than conventional systems and they are great candidates for remediation with the White Knight Septic System which is a cost effective and environmentally sound alternative to leachfield replacement.  We always offer free consultation so if you are considering your septic system alternatives we would be glad to talk to you toll free at 800-244-2493 or visit us at

By Mark A. Truman

Maine Real Estate

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If you have had a Maine real estate transaction where the septic system inspection has failed and need a quick turn-around on a replacement septic design give us a call. It is what we do and call if you have any questions 229-7482 anytime. Thank you. Mark A. Truman

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By Mark Truman