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Expanded Septic Systems In Maine

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Here is a septic tank we are installing as part of this expanded septic system. A White Knight Treatment unit will be installed in this tank to complete the expansion.  This unit effectively doubles the capacity of most existing septic systems by State of Maine  design allowances. That means you could add three bedrooms to an existing three bedroom septic system and only have to enlarge your septic tank capacity as in this homeowners situation. The leach field itself does not have to be touched. This minimizes the disruption to the landscaping and most important, it saves you money.

We welcome any inquiries on any of your septic issues.

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By Mark A. Truman

Summer in Maine

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Summer in Maine

I’d like to thank all the people that hire us for septic designs in Maine. I get to see our spectacular state like this wonderful view near Dexter on my way to Wellington and Roxbury. We really like to travel given the opportunity…… weekends work too……so please call for an estimate or even if you just have a question……800-244-2493

We would be glad to help.

Thank you!

By Mark A. Truman

Always Free Consultation – Happy New Year!

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By Mark A. Truman

White Knight Microbial Inoculator Generator

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Septic BioRemediation! Yes it is possible and we do it every day. With the patented IOS-500TM inoculums (bacteria) and an easily installed media in a septic tank we are able to grow and generate microorganisms that possess the proven ability to recover organically clogged leachfields. It is so effective that the Maine Division of Environmental Health has granted the White Knight Septic System a 50% reduction in leachfield size  allowing upgraded septic systems at sensitive sites such as seasonal camps with limited area while improving the quality of wastewater returning to the environment. Significant reductions in Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) of 80% or greater and 50% or greater reduction in Total Nitrogen are typically achieved. We at Maine Site Evaluations, LLC are excited to be able to offer this wastewater technology to help preserve  and  improve the water quality we are so fortunate to have in this great state of Maine. The patented strain of bacteria that we use was developed to remediate oil-fouled soil by the petroleum industry and you will see a form of the White Knight System working along the Gulf of Mexico for many years to come helping to clean up the present oil mess we see today. Similar materials such as fats, oil and grease clog failing septic systems and can be remediated to restore the soils natural drainage ability. We have found that some of the newer septic system devices such as Enviro-Septic, Geoflow and Infiltrator units tend to clog at a faster rate than conventional systems and they are great candidates for remediation with the White Knight Septic System which is a cost effective and environmentally sound alternative to leachfield replacement.  We always offer free consultation so if you are considering your septic system alternatives we would be glad to talk to you toll free at 800-244-2493 or visit us at

By Mark A. Truman

Repairing Failed Septic Systems

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The White Knight Microbial Inoculator Generator installed in your septic tank is guaranteed to repair failed systems within 12 months or you get a 100% refund. We  inspect all Maine septic systems to determine the cause of failure and all components are checked for integrity. From our 33 years of Maine septic work we have  discovered that sometimes only simple repairs are required to extend the useful life of a septic system and some of the newer plastic chambers like Infiltrators and tube systems, like Presby Enviro-Septic and Geo-flows with premature failure can be remediated easily with the White Knight. Not all systems are White Knight System candidates, but you won’t know unless you call us. We give you all the options and suggest the best action for your situation. And all this is free because we always offer free consultations on any Maine septic issue at Maine Site Evaluations, LLC800-244-2493

By Mark Truman

Federal Aid Programs for Maine Disaster Recovery

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Follow this link if your septic system or well were damaged by recent storms.

What’s that in the backyard?

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It often happens this time of year. The snow melts and this wet area appears that wasn’t there last fall.  Is it moles? Did something alien fall out of the sky? Anything but a failing septic system we hope. Usually the snow melt and these rain storms we’ve had exacerbates the situation and may lessen in severity as the soil warms with the season but it is an indication that the disposal area is forming a clogging mat that may result in a non-functioning system in the very near future. That’s when you hire a site evaluator to check out the system and if needed, to design a replacement disposal system. This is the first step so you have a plan that you can get priced out by a septic installer. At Maine Site Evaluations, LLC we spend considerable time investigating all the options. We are more than glad to find the easy fix if so warranted and we can suggest other cost effective alternatives for your consideration. Septic systems do have a useful life span and if yours is twenty years old, unfortunately, it may be time to replace that alien thing in the backyard. We are available at 800-244-2493 or

By Mark Truman