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Maine Septic Repair….now that saves money!!!!

Posted in septic with tags , , , , , , on August 2, 2010 by mainesiteevaluations

Today was a good day for our first client.  She thought she needed a new septic system since the house was constructed in the early seventies. We spent  a half  hour tracing out the effluent lines and found a collasped distribution box and the baffle was gone in the septic tank. We found the original leach field to be intact and it appeared that no wastewater had ever been in the system. So rather than replace  the field we prescribed replacing the distribution box and adding a baffle to the septic tank. That will be a $500 repair verses $8000. That is a good deal and we are glad to find the easy answers if at all possible. If you have Maine septic systems issues please call us at 800-244-2493. We always offer free consultation at Maine Site Evaluations, LLC.

By Mark A. Truman