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We post occasional articles here that may interest homeowners. We are here to help. So look around and you are welcome to call anytime should you have any questions.  800-244-2493 or cell 229-7482 

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Mark A Truman of Maine Site Evaluations LLC

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Maine Site Evaluator

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We have been designing septic systems in Maine since 1977. If you saw our on-line ad, we work in your area and we would be glad to answer any questions to get you started. We offer expert, cost effective solutions to your residential or commercial wastewater disposal issues. We now offer Septic BioRemediation Services where failing systems are restored by employing the White Knight Leach Field Recovery System. It is the lowest cost alternative to leach field replacement. Always offering free consultation to get your questions answered fast.  FYI….if you need a new or replacement septic system you need a Licensed Maine Site Evaluator to complete an application for a permit to your local code enforcement office. That’s what we do, so reach us anytime at 207-229-7482 or visit us at www.MaineSiteEvaluations.com

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Mark A. Truman
Maine Site Evaluations LLC

Maine Site Evaluations Always Offers Free Consultation 800-244-2493

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Questions about Maine Septic System Designs?
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We Have Been Designing Maine Septic Solutions Since 1977
And We Are Ready To Help From Alfred to Appleton – Kittery to Kingfield
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Maine Septic Design

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The fall season is a great time of year to get your spring construction plans started. We are a great resource to start with. A Maine septic system design will help you with the best dwelling locations and placement. This includes very practical information on keeping a dry basement and other drainage and grading issues that could cost you alot in money and regret if not properly addressed at the start. Always offering free consultation 800-244-2493
We are glad to help.Maine Septic Design

Septic Designs in Southern Maine

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Thanks for all your calls this spring. We are always glad to answer your questions to get you started in the right direction for that new home you are planning or helping with a leach field that has been giving you fits for some time now. Within the last couple weeks we have been to Minot, Cumberland,Sumner, Alna, Buxton, Rangeley andImage York and numerous places in between. We have designed septic systems in Gorham this spring which is where we started back in 1977. We plan on being here another 36 years helping people throughout our wonderful state so remember…the call is free at  800-244-2493 and you are welcome to call anytime.


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Maine Septic Inspection FAILED

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Well we have had a few of these calls lately. Great to hear that real estate is being considered again and do not neglect to have a septic system inspection done on that property you may be considering.

Now a couple things to know;

1. If you hear that a septic tank or leach field was repaired and is now working, be very cautious. We have seen unsuspecting buyers believe that a repaired system is the same as a new system only to be calling us a couple years after moving in with their toilets backed up and a $12,000 price tag.  2. Just pumping the tank is not a septic inspection. You need to see inside the disposal area where past effluent levels are recorded. The property could of been vacant or unused before pumping, and 3. If you get a failed septic system inspection report you need to hire a Maine Site Evaluator to design a replacement system for that property. This will give you a detailed installation plan that can be estimated by a septic system installer.  From that point you can go back a negotiate with the seller.

We are always available if you have any questions or are in need of Maine Septic Design work on short notice. Cell is 229-7482 anytime. We are glad to help.

by Mark A. Truman

Maine Site Evaluations LLC


Expanded Septic Systems In Maine

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Here is a septic tank we are installing as part of this expanded septic system. A White Knight Treatment unit will be installed in this tank to complete the expansion.  This unit effectively doubles the capacity of most existing septic systems by State of Maine  design allowances. That means you could add three bedrooms to an existing three bedroom septic system and only have to enlarge your septic tank capacity as in this homeowners situation. The leach field itself does not have to be touched. This minimizes the disruption to the landscaping and most important, it saves you money.

We welcome any inquiries on any of your septic issues.

Please call anytime. 800-244-2493

By Mark A. Truman

Summer in Maine

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Summer in Maine

I’d like to thank all the people that hire us for septic designs in Maine. I get to see our spectacular state like this wonderful view near Dexter on my way to Wellington and Roxbury. We really like to travel given the opportunity…… weekends work too……so please call for an estimate or even if you just have a question……800-244-2493

We would be glad to help.

Thank you!

By Mark A. Truman

Spring Site Evaluations in Maine

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Recent trips in the field to the Rangeley Farmington area have proved that spring is really arriving with a fast snow melt making for easy conditions for conducting site evaluations in the Maine mountains.
In southern Maine the peepers were first heard this evening and with several days at or near 80 degrees the installation of septic systems will be well under way as soon as the road posting come off. If your thinking of septic design work we are always available to answer any questions, anytime. Just give us a call.
Enjoy the spring!!!

By Mark A. Truman

Well Water Treatment and Your Septic System

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We have noticed a high correlation between well water treatment systems that backflush into septic systems and the early malfunction of those systems. The most incidents we have seen are with iron removal. Now some will argue that water treatment has no effect on septic systems and we understand that drinking water quality is the first priority, but we would advise any one that they could expect to incur the cost of a new leach field earlier than people without well water treatment devises backflushing to their septic systems. Ask your water treatment professional how he can minimize or eliminate these discharges to your septic system if at all possible. You are welcome to call us anytime should you have any concerns.
We’d be glad to help.

By Mark A. Truman